@Netherlands (8/9/09)

@Netherlands (8/9/09)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

World Cup Dreams

During the World Cup, the radio program “Chronos” on Tokyo FM featured us dozens of times, so upon our return to Tokyo, we had a chance to go out to dinner with the “Chronos” staff.

Here we are with Tetsuo Nakanishi (former Japan National team player and currently Special Appointed Board Member of the Japan Football Association) and TFM radio personality Ryoko Koga.

As we were having talking about soccer during dinner, Tetsuo told us:

“My dream is to see the Japan National Team win the World Cup during my lifetime”

Wow! Same dream as mine!

Anyone who loves soccer seems to have the same dream.
 Even though we are in different positions, our dreams and goals are the same, so I hope that we can collaborate on some projects in the future.

I want to contribute to the Japan National Team in some way, from a supporter’s standpoint.

I’m sure I’ll plan my future years so that I can be in the same place as the Japan National Team is when they play their international matches.
(In the near future, Asia Cup in Qatar in Jan. 2011 and Copa America in Argentina in July 2011 are coming up).

I’d really like to cut off my contract and just go to the stadiums where Japan National Team is.

I’d also like to go to Europe after the Asia Cup to see several of the Japan National Team players who play in the pro leagues there.

I am not planning anything as huge as the “Football Unites the World” trip, but I hope to continue reporting and sharing experiences on this blog about soccer from a supporter’s point-of-view.
In the last entry, I wrote some things that sounded like I wanted to stop living my life with constant missions to accomplish, that I want to discover something in average daily life live for, and learn how to live tranquilly.

But now, 10 days later, after talking to someone like Tetsuo Nakanishi who is so passionate about soccer, I’ve begun to go back to my old ways and set a new goal.

Seems I can’t stop always having new ideas and goals in the working.

However, I don’t have a plan as huge as “Football Unites the World”, so depending on how my consulting project goes in September, (is it just an excuse?) I might not be able to go to the Asia Cup.

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