@Netherlands (8/9/09)

@Netherlands (8/9/09)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Samurais suffer case of deja Roo

Hello, this is Ken.

There was a FIFA Asian qualifier Japan against Australian last night.

Today, we "Libero" carried out an on-the-spot interview with Tim Cahill, who is one of the best socceroos, to ask him about his impression of Japanese national team.
We were defeated by 1-2, scored by TIM CAHILL (2 goals).

To begin with, let me explain how we got to this interview before the main content.

In the last World Cup in German 2006, Cahill was a formidable striker who scored 2 goals in the game against Japan. We lost because of him. So, we really hate him !

The day before the qualifier, when I went to an Adidas official shop in the city to buy a pant, I found out an ad saying, " The first 100 customers who purchase any soccer items are eligible to obtain an autograph directly from Tim Cahill."

This rings my bell !

I thought this must be a big opportunity for us to ask him about Japanese team, though I'm still obsessed with the bad dream brought by him. hahaha

Anyway, "Luck is a part of your ability." This is our country's proverb.

A local paper reported the last night's game as below;

The head really pisses me off.

I couldn't imagine Cahill smashed us again.
Then I met him right after the yesterday's game.

Is this lucky or unlucky?
I took it a lucky.

I queued for half an hour.

Can you find me? I'm wearing a blue shirt.

In a meanwhile, Tim Cahill turned up.
Then a talk-show started in front of the adidas sponsor's board.

He is shorter than I expected

After a short period of chat, it's time for us to be handed his autograph.
Turn taking is so fast.
Do we have a time to give him a questions?

This is the very moment Libero is recognized !

Our questions are like this;

1、What is the weakness of Japan? Could you give us any advices?

2、Who would you want from Japanese squad as your teammate of Everton FC?

He gave us comments.
Check this out!

He said, " If Japan had Nakamura and Nakazawa, that would have made a difference."

We knew that, but it's can't be helped.

His comments implies that Japan has no depth in the numbers.

Tim put his autograph on my soccer jersey.
Thank you, my enemy.

One of our goal is to make this white jersey into blue one filled with messages by many soccer players or officials. The messages will be addressed to the Japan national team.

I am looking forward to seeing this jersey colored JAPAN BLUE when our round-the world journey completed in South Africa. That will be more like a real Japan jersey!

When we visited Uzbekistan Football Association, we were surprised by the fact that Uzbekistan national team couldn't obtain the data of the game between Japan against Bergen. We gonna upload this diary in the future.

We conducted a reckless interview with Tim Cahill this time.

Atushi and Ken (Linero) are glad to do more some reports in the course of our traveling all the 32 countries.

The FIFA World Cup will kick off in a year, let's get together and cheer them up!
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