@Netherlands (8/9/09)

@Netherlands (8/9/09)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Miss World Cup!: Quarterfinal and Semifinal

Hello! This is Atsushi.

I'll post beauties from quarterfinals and semifinals!

The first entry is from Spain!!

She was working for O. R. Tambo Airport.

The next ones are Spanish supporters holding a gate flag.

And children.

They were singing "Shosholoza", which is a fight song for South Africa.
Are they South African?

The following girl was at SONY booth.

You can see lots of beauties at SONY booths.

She was a Brazilian supporter wearing floral decoration.

The daytime in Port Elizabeth is a right time to shoot beauties.  

A Dutch couple.

Stop playing up!

Another Dutch woman with me.

Then, a German woman.

German supporters seem to be less than those of Dutch, Spain, or Brazil.

Finally, I met two beauties wearing see-through dressings.

Are they in the middle of any events? 
It's quite rare to see this in frigid Johannesburg. 

I haven't been coughing for a week. It was the worst at the semi final German vs. Spain in Durban. So I was watching the game wearing a mask.

I've been under the weather these days, so it's hard to spend plenty time in taking beauties before get into stadiums. Sorry for inconvenience.

But, at the grand final, I will join an event which will be taken place 2 hours before the game. So I can take some!

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