@Netherlands (8/9/09)

@Netherlands (8/9/09)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank you South Africa. See you in Brazil!!

Hello. This is Ken.

It's been a while since the World Cup final.
Things have been screwy for the last couple weeks, starting to calm down a bit now.

Now that I want to report about the final, Spain vs Netherlands!!

We have been reporting a bunch of the in South Africa and this is gonna be the last one.

Of course, this will the last game report as the round-the-world journey, that has been gone through about 1 year!

To think that this is really the last game makes me feel sentimental.

The final was held at Soccer City Stadium.
As you all know, the teams who made it to the final are the Netherlands and Spain, but the two of us wore our blue samurai armor to give the world a message to support the Japan national team.

Shot with a South African guy.

if you're a big fan of our blog, you might realize something familiar in this picture.

The second from the left is Mr. Bachelor.

Mr. Bachelor was on South African national squad.
He is also known as a commentator of South African sport news.

Besides him, there were a lot of famous people from all around the world to see this World Cup final.

The stadium was totally jubilant with the excitement !!

Beofre the kick off, there was a closing celemony.
These kids were waiting in line for making an appearance in the show.

All of them were wearig the white cothes.

We ran into another Samurai!

There were more than 10 samurais in the games of Japan.
Now, only 3 of them.

The samurai in the middle is Yohei, who is a cowoker in our previous company. 

He is so brave that he played a few rounds of golf in South Africa.
Moreover, I saw him on this armor in the airport.

I believe he is the "last samurai" !! LOL.

All right, let's get into the main show.

We watched it from the 5th floor.

This ticket costs $990!!

Oh, my dear. It's so expensive!!
I couldn't believe it!!

But, what I've been through this long journey made me decided to purchase it as this is the culmination of what we have been aiming.

In spite of that, we were given the seats that were quite far from the field!
Oh, my goodness!!

I heard that good seats had been already taken by FIFA officials.
It's uderstandable, but they should've reserved them even for the normal people.

In a meantime, the closing celemony started!!

The scenary becomes totally dirrenrent from usual.

The blue light was celebrating for Blue Samural,
who made a big performance?

Occasionaly, the stadium turned into red!

Then, yellow. Looks like Las Vegas, doesn't it?

A variety of exciting performances took place.

The live performance of WAKA WAKA by Shakira was also on stage.

The flags of Spain and the Netherlands were glare on the pitch!

A line of elephants!! They are one of the BIG5.

Samurai armor was shown in a movie introducing
supporters from many different coutnries.

Finally, both squads made an appearnce on the pitch along with FIFA Anthem!!

In front of them, the World Cup was set.

The second from the left in the refree team is a Japanese Mr. Nishimura.

It's great of him to be assigned to the fourth judge in a World Cup final, isn't it?

It indicates that he is the fourth best refree in the world.

The goal that Japan made it to the semi final, which had been set by the Japanese national head coach Okada before the World Cup, was achieved by him in the end!!

As you know, Spain was crowned the champion of World Cup!!
They broke lots of jinks.

Their road to this historic moment was not smooth.
They lack in decisive striker, resulting in winning every game by 1-0.

I got an impression that Spanish soccer looks like futsal in that they possess the ball very long, although rarely scored.

Japanese soccer, espetially under Osim's coaching, seems to be similar to it, doesn't it?

Above all, individual skills are the essentials to the possession soccer.

After the trophy was handed to the palyers, they went back to the pitch for the commemorative photo shot.

On the way to it, they were welcomes by ...
Dutch players making an entrance arch so that Spanish palyers could walk through it.

Dutch players also celebrate them!!

I've never seen this scenary.
Who came up with this idea?

Right after the game finished, some Dutch players complained to the refree over the Iniesta's goal as it was look like an off-side.

However, they celebreated thier winning in the end.

What a great moment!!

In addition, commercial boards surrounding the field also read;
"Congratulations!! Spain!!"

Then, they turned into as follows.

Thank you, South Africa.


See you in Brazil at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

It is so exquisitely-choreographed!!

I filmed them, too.

I'm sure you feel like to go to Brazil after watching this movie!!

The movie consists of two parts.
Have a look at it!!

After all, this is gonna be the final entry from South Africa.

I will talk about our next plan sooner or later.

This round-the-world journey has taken about 2 years including the preliminary session.

A thousands of viewers have supported our blog during the term.

This long long journey has not been successful witout your supports.

We have learned a lot from this trip.
These will broaden our viewpoints to the world and become a benchmark for pursue of our life goals.

Thank you very for all supporting our journey.
And see you soon in Brazil at the 2010 FIFA World Cup!!

Ken created his own Twitter account!!
He tweets in ENGLISH!!


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