@Netherlands (8/9/09)

@Netherlands (8/9/09)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miss World Cup!: Final!!

Congratulations! Spain!

Here is Atsushi.

I will report the detail of the final later.
Today, I will work on my final assignment of wold beauties!! Haha.

I met her at a parking lot.

The followings are three shots of Dutch supporters.

Then, Spanish supporters!!

Spain won the game.
But which won this Miss World Cup, Spain or the Netherlands?

I saw Spanish girls with this funny gate flag.

Check here to know more about the octopus story.

Look at him !!

It's so obvious!!

It's so tough to find this costume, isn't it? 
Way to go!!

Add to this is..

I should have had Children World Cup,too.

Finally. this is the last entry of Miss World Cup.

Personally, my best one is a South African TV reporter Cyndy, who I met at the SONY event venue.

The blog at the time was here.

Atsushi gives her the Miss world trophy!!

You can check the past entries here.

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